Technical SEO

Introduction of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is important for both Users and Bots as well. Because if your website will not technically sounds good then many things disturb user experience and crawler and in this way rankings will also disturb.

Technical SEO Points

Broken Links optimizations

Many internal or external links may be broke due to different type of errors like 404,301,302 etc. So maintenance of these type of error are important because if some browsing something on your website and this type of error accord then it will be a bed SEO pratice.

Speed Optimization

Speed of a website plays role in rankings, crawling and ssuer experience. Search engines using advance techniques to crawl a website via artificial intelligence and when bots come to your website for analysis they act like a user, they analyze your website speed. If they speed will be slow that will be bed experience for bots and they will not consider your website for rankings.

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