Cloud Roofing

Case Study

Cloud Roofing

Cloud Roofing, rooted in San Antonio, is a family-run firm dedicated to roofing services. Aiming to be the go-to choice for locals, they focus on safety, quality, and fostering strong community ties, making them a highly recommended option for all roofing needs.

  • Challenges

    Cloud Roofing is facing several challenges in its online presence and lead generation. Their website's user experience and local SEO efforts are not meeting expectations, making it difficult for San Antonio residents to discover their services. Additionally, their service pages and content need further optimization to effectively engage and convert visitors. Off-page SEO also requires improved search rankings and visibility. These hurdles are critical to overcome for Cloud Roofing to secure its position as a preferred local roofing service.

  • Solutions

    UX Design: Improve navigation, ensure mobile responsiveness, and reduce website load times to boost user engagement. Updating the home page with user-friendly designs.
    Local SEO Optimization: Optimize Google My Business listings and focus on local keywords to increase local visibility.
    Service Page Updates: Revise service pages with clear content and strong CTAs to highlight offerings and encourage action.
    Off-Page SEO Strategy: Build quality backlinks to improve the website’s authority and trust for search rankings.
    Content Revamp: Develop a content strategy that includes keyword-rich, relevant content and informative blog posts to engage potential customers and support SEO.

  • Results

    After completing our SEO services, their traffic increased by 121% and a 65% increase in leads.

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