Success Story



They want to rank their website on specific keywords to beat their competition and generate more revenue in United States.

  1. pink lily
  2. boutiques
  3. boutique
  4. pinklily

United States


Content improvement need on their home page and specific category pages so we improve their SEO content. They want US traffic so we do local SEO and business listings of their website on local level.

We also improve their website’s authority to make their website preferable for the search engines.

Now it’s ranking of number 1 positions on all of above keywords.


Our campaigns were able to achieve outstanding results in just the first eleven months. Organic search revenue grew from $269k to $386k a month. Our paid search campaign grew PPC revenue from $525k to $918k a month and revenue from paid social media campaigns increased from $59k to $217k a month.

In the first year of working with us, Pink Lily generated a revenue of $2.5 million from the $100,000 worth of services we provided.

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