Success Story



They want to rank their website on specific keywords to beat their competition and generate more revenue in United States.

  1. garnet stone benefit
  2. onyx birthstones
  3. citrine zodiac
  4. black birthstone

United States


Content improvement need on their home page and specific category pages so we improve their SEO content.

They want US traffic so we do local SEO and business listings of their website on local level.


We also improve their website’s authority to make their website preferable for the search engines.


Now it’s ranking of number 1 positions on all of above keywords.


We got positive results with our drip feeding SEO strategies and After just three months with us, in comparison to last month, organic revenue increased 158,558%. Overall, there was a 176% increase in traffic to the site this month compared to last month. New users also saw an improvement, growing 401%. Overall revenue has also increased by 516% since last month.

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